January 2015 Newsletter

We are excited to welcome you to the first edition of The Gulf Coast Sentinels newsletter of 2015. We hope that you will find it, and the future editions, interesting and informative. We will keep you updated on our remarkable Sentinels as well as our upcoming events. This first edition is a salute to our Volunteers who are our backbone. In future editions, we will be spotlighting and saluting our selfless volunteers as well as our supporters. While, no doubt, every one of them give their time and support to the Sentinels straight from their hearts for many their passion runs very deep and we hope to share their stories with you.



Webster defines VOLUNTEER as “One who serves or acts of his or her own free will without stipulation or substantial reward”.

There is not definition anywhere that accurately defines the volunteer of our Gulf Coast Sentinels VOLUNTEERS. Your loyalty, dedication, tireless efforts and enthusiasm are an integral part of our success, without you we do not exist.

Each and every one of you are of paramount importance to us. Without you, our amazing volunteers and supporters, The Gulf Coast Sentinels cannot continue it’s success. We salute you and thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!

If you are not yet a volunteer, or want more information about becoming one, please contact:
Lorena Fillman



It was a beautiful fall evening
When all through our town,
The angels were flying
Their excitement abound.


Gail ran to the window
When she heard all the chatter,
Her heart racing in anticipation
Hoping that nothing was the matter.


We found your new Sentinel
The angels shouted with glee,
He is here in League City,
Oh! What a special young man is he.


To be an American Soldier was Alex Reyes’ dream
To serve and protect his country with great pride,
He enlisted in the Army in August ’05


Sgt. Reyes was serving his country on that fateful day,
It was March 9th, 2007
When on an Iraq roadside
An IUD got in his way.


Shattered bones, damaged muscles and nerves
Could not keep this fine man’s spirit down,
Brilliant surgeons and Alex’s strong will
Have brought this fine new Sentinel to our town.


We hope each of you will extend a warm welcome to Alex, his beautiful wife Liz and their precious son Kevin. He is a very inspiring, humble man who has so much to offer. We hope you have the opportunity to get to know him. The angels were “spot on” when they brought him to us. We are indeed blessed to have him here! Alex, Liz and Kevin.