Our Program

The purpose of the Gulf Coast Sentinels is to provide a four-year mentoring and life scholarship program that supports wounded Veterans and helps build a solid community foundation for their future. The Sentinels Scholarship offers rent-free or mortgage-free housing, career placement with training/ higher education, a new vehicle adapted for the Sentinel’s special needs (if applicable), financial as well as personal mentorship, and a support group for spouses for up to  a period of four years.  It is simply a gift of time to assist them while facing and dealing with their new physical and personal challenges.  Each Sentinel is unique, therefore their scholarship is customized to fit their personal goals, needs and challenges. Gulf Coast Sentinels also provides services that help lead our graduates to success as they complete the program. We offer the resources and support required for an active, engaged and successful return to civilian life as they recover from the physical and emotional impact of their injuries.


Veterans in our program come to us unemployed and seriously disabled, many with special needs and sometimes very little income-earning potential. Without our assistance, they may face lives of poverty and very possibly homelessness. The housing subsidies we provide enable them to focus on rebuilding their lives, not how they are going to pay their rent or mortgage.


Our Sentinels are required to continue their formal education in line with their capabilities and goals. In most cases, they will begin school shortly after entering our program, and this is expected to be a full-time effort put forth by our Sentinel. We understand the job market is competitive and we want our Sentinels to be well equipped to handle employer’s high standards. Having already served their country in some capacity, combined with the education required by our program, our Sentinels can become very formidable candidates in today’s job market.


Each Sentinel is surrounded by a team of volunteers who fulfill many roles to help them succeed in the program. Mentors are assigned as advocates to help ensure the Sentinel completes their education, finds meaningful employment and develops a financial plan for the future. All of these elements fulfill the mission of our Foundation to promote the Sentinels successful return to civilian life while becoming an integral member of the community.